A brief history of the Firm...

The Gaffuri Law and Tax Firm was founded in 1984 by Gianfranco Gaffuri, full professor of tax law for over forty years, in the Faculty of Law of the State University of Milan.

In carrying out its professional activity, the Firm has offered and offers accurate services to public and private entities - including leading national companies and international groups - as well as to medium and small enterprises and individuals.
The Firm looks after the interests of its clients in administrative, commercial and tax matters, both out-of-court - providing opinions and deeds, including assistance in contract drafting, for the companies management as well as for the increase and protection of assets - and in court, in all areas and at all levels, with careful attention to the specific features of any case.

The Firm includes other university professors of tax and administrative law, authors of significant publications: the constant connection between the professional activity and the scientific world of all the collaborators guarantees the cultural updating and the continuous improvement of their technical knowledge.
In the Firm, experts in budgeting, accounting and tax practice offer their work. The synergy between legal and corporate knowledge, typical of a chartered accountant, makes it possible to guarantee full assistance to clients, followed up in all their tasks.

The long professional experience gained, combined with the university commitment and constant teaching and conference activity in the subjects of interest to its members, gives the Gaffuri Law and Tax Firm a remarkable quality profile, which has always been adapted to the new needs of the market and innovative in its approach, never neglecting the traditional forensic commitment.
The Firm, which is family-owned and deliberately limited in its numbers to guarantee high-quality standards, provides clients with both continuous consulting services and services aimed at solving problematic cases, often very complex, of an occasional nature.
The Firm traditionally collaborates with other professional realities, to integrate its skills and abilities. Through these collaborations, the Firm can provide effective professional assistance in multiple legal areas including, specifically, the penal-tributary field, as well as disciplinary areas close to the main objects of the firm's activity.